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If your search for motherboard data wasn't successful Post a COMMENT below with a detailed description of your board. Include the Brand, Model# & revision#, CPU socket, Chipset, RAM slots, Card slots addition info such as BIOS ID string and link to photo are helpful.
Search Requests for vintage motherboard manuals are very labor intensive. We invite other visitors to help locate these old manuals,  jumper settings and BIOS files.


  1. Hello. I have a 486 motherboard with 1 ISA, 6 EISA and 2 VL-Bus slots. Includes 8 SIMM slots. Only has AT Keyboard connector. No FDD/HDD controllers or anything else built-in. It has an ALI M1429 chip with AMIBIOS 486sx ISA Bios and JETkey v5 keyboard bios. The code on the board says SXCPCB870A1 but I cannot find info on it anywhere. The board layout looks very similar to the Shuttle HOT-409 board but is not exactly the same.

    1. I may have the jumper table for this board, can you send photo?

  2. Brand: Unknown (maybe MODULA TECH CO., LTD.)
    Model: 4FVSD-1.1A
    CPU socket 2/3
    Chip: SIS 85C461
    8x SIMM
    2 ISA 8
    5 ISA 16 (incl 2 VESA)

    1. Dont know how to upload photo, but it look same as:

    2. I've seen that board recently, will check inventory for matching manual.

  3. Hello guys ! first of all , you page is awesome ! , direct to favorites , i have a question , is in case you have any information about this motherboard

    Thanks !!!

  4. Hello I searched all of your forum and I couldn't find my motherboard.
    8 SIMM 30-pin RAM SLOTS
    Socket 2 Processor inserter
    6 16-bit ISA Card Slots (3of them have a vlb attachment)
    1 8-bit ISA Slot
    AMIBIOS version AB3054554 (1993)

    Photo Link:

  5. I have a motherboard with th3 label P55-4038 A50 94V-0 made in taiwan. The 486dx socket is not zif, it just plugs into a pin array. There are 8 16 bit ISA slots and no others. Quadtel bios chip. 8 ram slots. Could not find anything matching the board layout online. I

  6. Okay, I will try this again. I have a socket 478 Supermicro, either a P4SGA or a P4SGC. They no longer have manuals for it. Can they be found anywhere? It still works great, but is finicky enough to require a manual. (I need more RAM, and it is picky)

  7. Eagle Power586
    Type: Motherboard
    Model: E-AD586-3P21-401
    Chipset: NEC Power TX ADC009B
    Socket: Socket 7
    Date: 1999

    Need the pinout and kind of stuff

  8. Hello could someone help me find the jumpers setting for this board ?
    i sent you 2 pictures of it
    Ask me for more if needed :)